How to Get Involved in the Pro-Life Movement

Ideas and resources to get you involved!

Amanda Catey

6 March 2021

One thing I am always asked and wonder myself is, “How do I get involved in the pro-life movement?” Once you realize the truth about abortion and know you need to do something,you may be confused on what to do next. I felt the same way, but now I work in the pro-life movement, so I promise there is a place for you. Here is how I got involved in the pro-life movement and how you can too!

1. Education: Educate first yourself then others on abortion. This may seem boring and/or something you have always done, but keep doing it. I educated myself by following pro-life Instagram accounts and reading the graphics they post, watching pro-life apologetic YouTube videos, signing up for Students for Life HQ ( ), learning pro-choice arguments through discussions and looking at pro-choice content, following pro-life TikTok accounts, and searching on Google ‘when does life begin’ or ‘pro-life apologetics’ and reading what comes up. Start simple, but challenge yourself so you are always learning!      

Start to discuss with others. Talk to pro-choice friends, share pro-life content on social media, have practice conversations with pro-life friends, or head to the comments of pro-life and pro-choice posts and respectfully have a conversation with them! Find ways to engage with others to continue educating yourself and others about abortion!

2. Pick an event: I would recommend picking one local pro-life event to attend next. This is the best way to meet others, learn about your local pro-life movement, take the first step to get involved in the pro-life movement, and show your community that you are pro-life. Some ideas of events are:

  1. Sign up for 40 Days for Life 
  2. Attend a local pro-life march
  3. Contact your legislators about pro-life issues
  4. Look for events hosted by your local pro-life organization 
  5. Attend GreatLife Teens, Students for Life, Live Action, etc. events

3. Praying Outside of Local Abortion Facilities:  During the spring and fall, 40 Days for Life puts on a prayer vigil outside of your local abortion facility. Go to to find your local prayer vigil and how you can get involved! During the rest of the year, you can still go outside of your local abortion facility to pray! Make sure you stay on public property, but otherwise you can just bring a chair out and pray for as long as you would like any time of the year! Prayer is a powerful tool and can help save lives!

4. Volunteer at your Local Pregnancy Resource Center: Go to to find your local Pregnancy Resource Center. Send them an email or call and ask to volunteer! If you are under 18, make sure you clarify this because the rules for volunteering may be different. Just tell them who you are, what you want to do (volunteer by helping in any way possible), and why you want to do it! Hopefully, they should give you more information on how to volunteer! 

5. Starting a Students for Life Club: Starting a pro-life club at your school is a great way to get involved and will connect you to other people and events! Students for Life has a great program to help you get started, but there are many other great organizations through which you can start a pro-life club at your schoo! Email (yourstate) to get connected to your Regional Coordinator who can help you start your club (ex: )! Once you have decided you want to start a club, reach out to GreatLife so we can also help you and promote your club! 

Getting involved can seem scary or intimidating at first. It may feel like there are too many options or that none of the options excite you. Whatever your case is, we can help you at GreatLife! Send us an email or DM us on Instagram and we will help you personally find the best way to get involved! Getting involved in the pro-life movement is so much fun and so worth it. You will meet so many amazing people and do super fun things. Joe Scheidler, a pro-life activist, said to participate in something pro-life each day, so today find one pro-life thing to do and tomorrow find another. Before you know it, you will have made a huge impact by doing one pro-life thing a day. 

What are you going to do today?

Image from @prolifeamanda on Instagram

How to Get Involved in the Pro-Life Movement