Pro Choice = Pro Abortion

The pro-choice side loves to say they support choice, but in truth, that choice is death.

29 May 2021

Annick Tankus
I saw a post that said, “Pro-Choice doesn’t mean Pro-Abortion.” It went on to say that Pro-Choice simply wants to give the woman the ability to have a right over her body. To which I say—No! What the post fails to see (or purposefully chooses to ignore) is that Pro-Choice and Pro-Abortion works hand-in-hand which is why the Christian must say no to such statement. 

What does Pro-Choice mean? If we go by how the post explained it—the simple act of allowing women to have right over her body—it seems pretty good and makes sense. Women should have their right to their bodies. However, like most things, there is a limit. Just as someone cannot go into a filled stadium and yell “fire” because they have free speech, a woman does not have the right to every single action directed to her body. This post is focusing too heavily on the never-ending divide between men and women. It implies that men can do anything they want with their bodies because they are masculine, and we live in such a “patriarchal society.” 

This is true to some extent that the male figure appears to be allowed to do things that a woman could not do. However, it fails to realize that the past is the past and that it is the job of this generation and future ones to change these stereotypes and conformities within our society. It also ignores the very fact that just because the “man” does it, does not make it right for him either. Both male and female do not have rights over their bodies. It is hard to understand this concept without a moral and Christian background. The moment when one realizes that God owns the body because He was the creator, it makes sense why Pro-Choice cannot work. 

Pro-Choice may seem to give the woman the right to take responsibility for her action(s), but really it is allowing her to ignore the fact that actions have consequences. It is hard to separate Pro-Choice from Pro-Abortion as the only reason the term “Pro-Choice” exists is to advocate for a woman to have the right to an abortion. This begs the question: should woman be allowed to be Pro-Choice? The answer is yes. God gave each being free will—the right to chose to be righteous or unrighteous. Nevertheless, this free-will/choice becomes an issue the moment one infringes on the right of another. 

And that is exactly what Pro-Choice does. It allows for the infringement on another’s life through Pro-Abortion. It offers an option (the option to abort) and because it does so, it must be condemned. One already has the right to do “whatever” with their bodies. People can choose if they want tattoos, piercings, nose jobs, etc… but they do not have the right to choose when it comes to a life inside of the mother. Anything that allows even the possibility to murder an innocent human being is wrong—even in the smallest form. Thus, Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion.

Pro Choice = Pro Abortion