WRITE Campaign

Welcoming teens into speaking up for life by:

Raising morale

Instigating change

Thanking contributors

Empowering teens

The WRITE campaign fulfills GreatLife’s mission to inspire, connect, and support teens through five specific types of handwritten letters: letters of encouragement, update, advocacy, appreciation, and instruction. Teens can request letters of encouragement for a pro-life peer, advocacy against administrations or officials that back abortion policies, or supplies to begin writing their own letters. Sponsors and donors will receive letters of thanks and periodic updates regarding their contributions to GreatLife through our campaign.

Want to become involved?

Raise morale: Request support for a fellow pro-life teen or ask for an update about GreatLife’s work.

Instigate change: Request a handwritten letter of advocacy regarding an abortion-related complaint.

Thank contributors: Inquire about getting involved in writing thank you letters to pro-life contributors.

Empowering teens: Inquire about becoming a permanent member of the WRITE campaign.

Contact the Write Campaign: WRITEcampaign@greatlifeteens.org

Mail us something!

If your business does not accept PO Box addresses, use the following address:

~writing for change~

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