Come join us! 

For our party to enjoy America, friends, games, music, food, and fun!

October 16th, doors open at 11:30

Youth party is for ages 13-22. A party for the pro-life youth of Florida to come together and get to know each other. Games with cash prizes($1400+), food, and music! All of this for only $10 + fees (Total: $13.25). This is going to be a crazy opportunity for youth and different youth clubs to get to know other teens doing the exact same thing! Can’t wait to see you!

Bring a change of clothes (the gala dress code is black tie optional) to join us for the elegant gala in the evening! Youth who attend the youth event get free entry to the gala!

Location: Gateway Church 

Save America by The Youth is an event where the youth come to meet other likeminded teens, experience and discuss real-world problems, discover solutions to them, defend their ideas, and most of all get excited about America!

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Event Schedule:

11:30- Arrive!

12:30 Game begins

1:30 Lunch!

2:30 Presentations

3:45 Youth rally together!

4:30 Get ready for the gala

5:30 Gala doors open