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Myah Abraham is a seventeen-year-old passionate teen advocate working to protect the dignity and joy of all life. Her journey began by hearing the story of Bernard Nathanson and after hearing his story she started an international nonprofit organization, GreatLife, which seeks to inspire and educate teens, by teens for teens. Previously in NCFCA, a speech and debate league, she competed with a speech on Bernard Nathanson and ended up placing 11th in the nation. She continues to run GreatLife Teens internationally overseeing a team of over 12 teens working to share the joy of life in their community with the motto: courage is contagious. She has eight siblings and two wonderful parents and she looks forward to meeting as many of you as she can!

Topics Myah’s Spoken on:

Being a ProLife Teen in the 21st Century

Connecting with Prolife Teens.

Starting the Pro-Life discussion in our Public schools.

Courage Is Contagious

A World Broken by Shame

How to Reach the Youth

Utilizing Social Media Effectively in the ProLife Movement

Bernard Nathanson

Woke by the Truth

What “love” means when we say “pro-life; pro-love”

Marketing you prolife endeavors

Previous Speeches:

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