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GreatLife Teens Inc

GreatLife Teens is an international ProLife organization working to bring dignity back to humanity by connecting our communities. We are all about redefining what it means to be pro-life. We believe that while, yes, abortion is the greatest attack upon the pro-life movement; upon the dignity of life, we believe that being pro-life is more than just abortion and it is more than just politics. Being pro-life means promoting and protecting the dignity of life in every aspect of life.

We believe that we will change the world when everyone, no matter what they’re interested in, comes together for one thing: the dignity of life. It is when we bond together and work together over the dignity of life that we create a culture of life and make topics such as abortion, human trafficking, and so much more not just illegal but unthinkable.

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Being pro-life means:

Serving at the soup kitchen
Going to the peaceful protests
Participating in church events
Smiling at your cashier 
Singing at the nursing home 
Supporting moms in crisis pregnancies
Being a part of a ProLife club 
Choosing joy even when it’s hard
Being involved in politics 
Raising money for the care of our veterans 
Standing up for others at school 
Standing up for others at work
And so much more.