Meet Our Ambassadors! Part 1

Taya and Makayla

1 August 2021

Maria Demel

Hi, I’m Taya and I’m a GreatLife Ambassador!
I’m 17, I come from a family of 5, where I’m the youngest, with two older brothers. My family supports me in all that I do, especially the activities in the pro-life movement. I’d say that I’ve always been pro-life, but slowly over time as I understood more about the movement, I became very passionate about being pro-life. About a year ago I watched the movie Unplanned, after which I realized that I couldn’t just believe in the pro-life stance, I had to be active in the movement to help make a difference. Then I got involved by starting a teen pro-life group at my church, and getting more involved recently by becoming a GreatLife Ambassador!
Outside of being involved in the pro-life movement, I enjoy photography, playing soccer, and helping with the youth programs at my church.

Hi! I’m Makayla. I’m a 15 yearr old Christian going into the 10th grade. I’ve been prolife for about three years, not only because I’m adopted or a Christian but because I recognize that it is morally wrong to intentionally kill a preborn life. Out of all the other prolife organizations, I chose to apply at GreatLife because they’ve showed their dedication to building a culture of life back to America. They’ve shown to be incredibly hands on in their communities in order to make a difference. And I love that. I truly believe abortion can be abolished in our lifetime.

If you want to become an ambassador alongside these awesome women, follow @greatlife_teens on Instagram, as that is where it will be announced if we are ever looking for new ambassadors!

Meet Our Ambassadors! Part 1