“Personally Pro-Life”

You may have heard the phrase, “I’m personally pro-life, but I don’t want to make that decision for somebody else.” Let’s talk about that stance.

5 June 2021

Grace Hartsock

As we all know, abortion is one of the most controversial human rights issues of our time. We meet many people who are strictly pro-life or pro-choice.  But what about the people on the fence? Have you ever talked to someone who is ‘personally pro-life’? You may have heard the phrase, “I’m personally pro-life, but I don’t want to make that decision for somebody else”.  

According to a 2015 poll, 39% of the American public don’t pick a side when it comes to abortion.  This position is extremely dangerous.  Either the pre-born are human people deserving of life, or they’re just a blob of tissue that can be simply removed at the mother’s whim.  Science shows that human life begins at conception, and there is no other scientific data that supports the idea that life begins at any other time.  In fact, 96% of liberal, pro-choice, and non-religious scientists agree that human life begins at conception.  

Even if you are ‘personally against abortion’, to be pro-choice about abortion is to be pro abortion. The only good reason for being ‘personally’ against abortion is that you know that the preborn is a human person, which gives you a moral obligation to preserve his life.  This is the only good reason for being against abortion, and it demands that we stand against those who choose to have an abortion for themselves.

There is no ‘even ground’ for this debate.  How can we say that someone is free to believe abortion is murder, but should not act as if that is true and stand up to save lives?  It’s simple – you are either pro-abortion or anti-abortion.  Speak for yourself, but I am against killing innocent people, no matter their age. 

A post by Live Action speaks on the personally prolife stance perfectly: 

In summary, it is impossible to be ‘personally pro-life’ and not take a stand against abortion.  



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“Personally Pro-Life”

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  1. First, I would never send any child to public propaganda camps (schools), for it’s now designed to destroy real education. And I have always believed that the facts of life is between parent and child, the schools only to teach the 3 Rs. However, as long as schools exist, however Marxist they are, if they would (And home schooling parents can do this, with careful forethought.), starting in middle school, they could show pictures of a baby developing from conception, day by day. This would bring the reality of life, and parents can opt out if they wish to teach at home. Again, better to home school and allow these propaganda camps to fade out on their own.

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