Life 101: Learning Early in Life What Life Is

What about those who don’t know anything about either side?

Marianne Petersen

24 April 2021

Pro-life and pro-choice discussions are common today compared to when I was a teenager. The internet didn’t exist back in the 80s. Plus I was one who, while growing up, only knew the basic facts that those two cells met and began to grow.  I know that was because I was the youngest of seven, thus never witnessed my mom going through a pregnancy. When I was 19 years old, I only knew a few young adults who had unplanned pregnancies, and since they kept the babies, I did not need to learn what took place in abortion.

Having gone through my own unplanned pregnancy is when my eyes opened up to the truth: Life begins at conception.

As we are all aware, there are many people already on one side or the other, pro-life or pro-choice. But what about those who don’t know much about either side? What about those not able to discuss that issue because they are unaware of what goes on inside the womb? 

Allow me to give an example. Let’s say there is a 13 year old named Beth hanging out with a few friends after school. For the first time, the abortion topic comes up as they begin talking about so-and-so’s older sister’s friend.

“I just know that if that was me, I’d sure have an abortion,” one of Beth’s friends said.  “I don’t want to be a mom until way after I’m out of high school.”  

“I agree,” said another. “And of course I’d never want my mom to know if I was. No way would I want that simple blob inside to get bigger. I’d have an abortion, too. After all, it’s not really a person until it’s almost born.”

Beth, who only knew that an abortion kept the baby from coming out alive, was not comfortable saying anything. She just listened, gluing down everything she was hearing. Sad to say, the root of thinking abortion is fine was planted.

But what if Beth had already heard it’s not just a ‘blob inside’. Suppose she was well aware of how complex and beautiful a real person is right after conception. Suppose she already felt strongly about it all because she knew it’s a scientific fact that there are thought processes at work in unborn babies.

Perhaps she wasn’t that comfortable to speak up, but she was at least not letting that type of conversation get her going on that wrong path. Wouldn’t it be perfect if she was then daring to speak up right then and there? Perhaps there was one more friend there who was the ignorant one who later asks Beth about what she said. AMEN!

Can you see the difference? Can you agree that having younger kids know some of these amazing facts could benefit others? It might even save a life.

In my next writing, I’ll share who, what, and how these important facts might be shared to younger kids who are young enough to listen yet old enough to learn.

Life 101: Learning Early in Life What Life Is

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