Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry Oppress Women

Places that claim to empower women do exactly the opposite.

Avery Hines

17 April 2021

Throughout its history, Planned Parenthood has been proven over and over again to oppress and take advantage of minorities. Planned Parenthood doesn’t only oppress immigrants and people of color, however. They are also one of the largest oppressors of women currently in America. Though Planned Parenthood relies on new-age feminism and the “Pro-Choice” slogan to carry their message through the masses, it actually leaves women with little choice at all, turns a blind eye to abuse, and is actively killing the next generation of women.

     One hot-button way that Planned Parenthood has been known to harm and oppress women is their multiple failures to report rape and statutory rape. One case against Planned Parenthood in regard to negligence was from sixteen-year-old Denise Fairbanks in Ohio. Denise arrived at Planned Parenthood on November 15, 2004 with her father, who was forcing the teen to receive an abortion. Denise took this opportunity to confide to a Planned Parenthood employee that she had been raped and abused by her father since the age of thirteen and that he had been the one to impregnate her. Planned Parenthood, however, didn’t report the abuse and sent Denise home after the procedure with her abuser. Denise was able to escape her father nearly a year and a half later. Years after gaining her freedom, Fairbanks filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, which they settled in a civil court. This is far from the only time rape or abuse has been overlooked within the walls of Planned Parenthood. Other cases have included a young girl being taken into the counseling room with the man she arrived with, who was also her abuser (it is illegal in every state to bring anyone besides the woman in question into the counseling room). Another case reports Planned Parenthood performing three abortions on a minor without asking questions, which allowed her abuser to continue raping her for seven years. In a study of sex trafficking survivors done in 2014, Loyola University found that Planned Parenthood is one of the most frequented locations for sex workers and their pimps, second only to the ER. I find it strange that an organization so involved with movements such as the “Me Too” movement would exhibit such blatant negligence for sexual abuse and human trafficking. 

     Planned Parenthood is supposedly a non-profit organization. According to Webster’s dictionary, non-profit means “not making or conducted primarily to make a profit.” With this definition, you would assume that Planned Parenthood makes little to no revenue off of their services, right? Wrong. In fact, Planned Parenthood is generating more and more profit every year. Between the fiscal years of 2017 and 2018, their profit went up 802 million dollars, setting their total revenue for 2018 at 2.2 billion dollars. Planned Parenthood claims that only 3 percent of the government funding they receive goes towards abortions. That statistic, however, doesn’t answer the question of how much revenue Planned Parenthood receives from abortions, a question they have continually refused to answer. Many critics point out that you don’t usually receive money from giving out free birth control, so it is suspected that much of their revenue comes from the abortion procedure, though it has not been confirmed. One thing we do know is that whether for financial reasons or otherwise, Planned Parenthood encourages abortion over other alternatives, such as adoption. Pro-Life advocate and former Planned Parenthood worker Abby Johnson exposed the organizations faults in an article for The Hill published in 2017.

Johnson makes it clear that major benefits advertised by Planned Parenthood are a farce, including mammograms, which Johnson says are not offered at a single Planned Parenthood organization. Johnson goes on to accuse Planned Parenthood of wasting the time and resources of low-income women, who could get more adequate care at a different center. Johnson also brings to light lesser known “abortion-only” clinics, who provide no “health care”. One of the most shocking revelations, however, may be what Johnson writes about another former Planned Parenthood employee, known as Rhyan. Rhyan claims to have been urged by Planned Parenthood multiple times to “increase their revenue” and that she “needed to push abortion services as that generated the most income.” Sue Thayer, a former Director at Planned Parenthood, also testified in front of Congress in 2015, saying that Planned Parenthood “is more concerned about its bottom line than it is about the health and safety of women.” If this is all true, it proves that Planned Parenthood doesn’t truly care about women in the way they say they do. According to a study done in 2011, of 334,000 women who received abortions, only 2,300 were even offered adoption services by Planned Parenthood. The truth is that Planned Parenthood doesn’t give women a choice. As a corporation, it’s their goal to generate as much revenue as possible, which means that abortion is the only viable choice for confused or afraid women who find themselves walking through those blue glass doors.

     Lastly, how can an organization so “intent on helping women” kill approximately 304,410 women—that’s half of the number of all aborted children—every year? Gianna Jessen, a woman who actually survived a saline abortion when her mother was seven months pregnant, has spoken on this particular issue on many occasions, proclaiming “If women’s rights were so important, then where were mine?” This is an increasingly important question to ask yourself when constructing your views and opinions of the abortion industry. What made Gianna Jessen a person outside of the womb, yet not within? Where were her rights? Where are women’s rights for the thousands killed every year without a chance at life? I believe that as moral individuals it is our job to speak for those with no voice. That encompasses a vast group of people, all of whom are targeted by Planned Parenthood. The harsh reality is that Planned Parenthood as an organization puts not only women in danger but also unborn men, women, minorities, and handicapped. It’s well past time to give the voiceless a voice, and I believe that, as the pro-life generation, we are more than capable.


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Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry Oppress Women

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