What is the Big Sister Program?

We recently launched our big/little sibling program! Read about it here! 

Ava and Amanda

3 April 2021

On April 1st, GreatLife launched two mentorship programs; the big sister and big brother programs. These mentorships will be a place for experienced pro-lifers to connect with people who are newer to the pro-life movement. GreatLife will help foster friendships by creating activities and conversation starters with both an educational aim and the goal of forming friendships. 

As teens in the pro-life movement, we understand how hard it is to navigate what is going on. We want to provide you with a community of teens who are figuring out how to be pro-life in a world that seems pro-abortion. If you already have some experience in the pro-life movement, then signing up as a big sister would be perfect for you. As a Big Sister, you will have the opportunity to mentor someone who is newer to the pro-life movement. If you are relatively new to the pro-life movement or want extra support, you can sign up to be a little sister. As a Little Sister, you will have the opportunity to learn from an experienced pro-lifer and form an amazing friendship!

Whether you became pro-life yesterday, have been active for 10 years, or are somewhere in-between, this program will be beneficial to you! It is created by teens who understand the challenges within the pro-life movement. This program will provide the resources we wish we had when we first got started.

Our goal is to connect pro-lifers in order to inspire growth, empowerment, and encouragement. We hope you and your big/little will be advocates for each other through encouragement and reassurance when times get tough. It’s not always easy to be confidently pro-life, so it’s important to have a system of support. 

Does this sound like an opportunity you are interested in? Take our sign-up survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZoXiWpJphGUc18mG7SJdNRoVLSvCC-QSF0LcCYNRzGt7LQg/viewform

This survey helps us match you with your mentor/mentee based on similar interests. After you are paired, GreatLife will provide activities, challenges, and special opportunities within this program to ensure it will be enjoyable. Our activities will be released weekly but you are welcome to communicate however often works best for you. 

Sign up for the Big Sister Program: https://greatlifeteens.org/join-our-online-events-2/

Sign up for the Big Brother Program: https://greatlifeteens.org/big-brother-program/

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What is the Big Sister Program?

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