The Darkest Most Dangerous Place on Earth

A story of fear and hope from the unborn child’s POV.

Victoria Brown age 13

20 March 2021 

The Darkest Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Hi! I’m not sure what my name is going to be yet. I’m so excited to

start life and do all the wonderful things my parents did when they were

kids and do all the beautiful amazing things God has planned for me!

I’ll make new friends, I’ll learn a lot of new things, I’ll have fun,

I’ll learn about my wonderful Creator, and I’ll live a full life like

everyone should! I’m going to learn how to talk, sing, read, write, ride

a bike, tie my shoes, play games, and so much more! I’ll put on pretty

dresses and do my hair (I want to have curly hair) and wear pink bows

and raincoats so when the rain comes down and splashes everywhere, my

clothes won’t get wet. I’ll go to preschool and learn how to count

my numbers and make words with my pencil! After preschool I’ll have my

first day of real school and meet new people and new teachers – I’ll

have the best Kindergarten class ever! I’ll be in first grade and then

second grade and then, one day I’ll go to high school. I hope I won’t be one

of those naughty teenagers who sleeps all day and wastes their life.

When I graduate, I want to be able to drive and know everything there is

to know about everything! If not, that’s okay, I’ll just go to college

where I’m gonna meet a awesome guy and we’re going to get married and

have kids! He’s going to go to work each day (except for Sunday of

course!) while I teach our kids all about everything, and how wonderful

life is, because life really is beautiful. The sad thing is, I don’t

know if I’m going to have one. I’m just a fetus right now, and I can’t

control what’s going to happen. My mommy could choose not to love me and

she could kill me, because the law says she’s allowed to. I know Mommy

is talking to my Daddy about me hurting their plans. I don’t want to

hurt their plans. I really want a normal full life like them and do all

of my plans. I deserve to be able to start a good life, because I’m a

human just like them!  Right?…Sure, I’m not a big girl yet, but

they looked like me too at one point! I think I ought to see the first

light of day, the first stars at night, and the first glimpse of the

outside world. Please let me do that! Mommy! Daddy! Please let me live!

The Darkest Most Dangerous Place on Earth

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