Political Pro-Life Clubs

  1. Students for Life
  • Students for life’s mission is to recruit, train, and mobilize the Pro-Life Generation to abolish abortion. They provide help to school clubs that partner with their organization to educate and recruit others on campus. 
  • If you’re wanting to start a group, plan what your vision will be and recruit 5 other members. From there contact your regional coordinator at [yourstate]@studentsforlife.org. Your regional coordinator will provide you materials and help to make your club successful.  
  • Students for Life action is the political part of Students for life. 

–  They do campaigns such as calling and texting potential voters and educating them on the Pro-Life movement and many other campaigns. 

    – Students for Life Action action center https://studentsforlife.quorum.us/issues/ 

    – Get involved with Students for Life: https://studentsforlifeaction.org/get-involved/ 

  1. Live Action

–  Ambassadors will receive opportunities to develop relationships with other 

Pro-Life leaders, expand their network, learn to be a Pro-Life leader, contribute to the growth of the Pro-Life community. 

– As an Ambassador you will activate for the unborn through social media and conversations and be fully equipped with tools and resources to strengthen your Pro-Life position.

  1. Turning Point USA
  1. PragerForce
  • PragerForce is a digital movement that consists of students and young professionals working to protect Pro-Life, Pro-American, Pro-Capitalism, Pro-Family values. Members get access to PragerU programs, events, resources, and have the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of young conservatives. 
  • By getting involved in this program you can share content online, participate in missions and petitions online, campaign against Big Tech censorship, and be featured on PragerU’s instagram.
  • Link to join: https://www.prageru.com/pragerforce/ 


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Political Pro-Life Clubs

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