In Person Pro-Life Event Ideas

  1. Phone banking night
  2. Sidewalk counseling 
  3. Sidewalk chalking
  4. Host a speaker 
  5. Watch a pro-life movie
  6. Post pro-life flyers around your school or community 
  7. Call your legislators 
  8. Write notes to abortion workers (
  9. Host a debate 
  10. Host a fundraising event
  11. Host a training 
  12. Pray outside of your abortion facility (40 days for life)
  13. Lobby 
  14. Door knock for pro-life candidates 
  15. Attend or host local pro-life rallies
  16. Volunteer at your local pregnancy resource center 
  17. Pro-life trivia night 
  18. Set up a memorial for the victims of abortion. 
  19. Host a table at a local school to discuss abortion
  20. Host a pro-life banquet (proceeds go towards pregnancy resource center)

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~By Teens For Teens~


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In Person Pro-Life Event Ideas

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