How to start a pro-life club!

Step one: Find someone to start a pro-life club with at school. If you don’t know anyone try to post some flyers around the school promoting your club.. Make an active social media account and promote your club and vision through your accounts in order to recruit people with similar beliefs. If you know someone is pro-life don’t be afraid to directly reach out to them and message them but follow them through your Pro-Life accounts so they’re aware of your club.. If you can’t find members you can still start a club (see below).

Step two: Reach out to GreatLife to figure out which organization/type of club is best for your personal situation and/or school. Starting a club through an organization gives your club more validity and may make it easier to start.  We will work with you to create a plan if wanted. 

Step three: Find out your schools requirements to start a club. You will most likely have to search for an advisor such as a teacher to monitor your club. Figure out any necessary paperwork that will need to be completed in order to make your club official. GreatLife Teens will help you with anything from walking you through the entire process to answering any questions you may have.

Step four: Apply to become an official club. Review and submit the required paperwork. Wait for a response from your school, and remember your school is not legally allowed to deny you access to start a Pro-Life  club while allowing others to start clubs when completing the same requirements as you. If this occurs remind them of your first amendment right or reach out to GreatLife Teens for help.

Step five: Plan your club. What is your vision? What are your goals? How will you spread your message? Plan when you are going to have club meetings and what those will include.  Plan out the next month’s activities for each meeting and create a schedule. Figure out all the activities you want to do throughout the year. Assign members different roles within your club (president, vice president, secretary, etc). Set up social media if you want to and create a way to communicate with all your club members.

Step six: Have your first meeting! You did it! Take some pictures to post to social media and remember the moment!

~By Teens For Teens~


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How to start a pro-life club!

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