How to set up a baby shower for a mom in need:

Step one:  Create a list of what the mom needs . You can follow the template email or phone call below to ask for what they need.

  Step two: Set up a baby registry. There are a few ways you can do this. 



Create a Checklist on Google Excel 

   Reach out to Great Life once you have set it up and we can share your link so others can donate!

   Step Three: Decide on a location.  Will the shower take place at a church, school, or home?

Step Four: Invitations.  Evite is a great way to send invitations!   Include what it is, who it is for, when, where, and what to bring!  If you do not have the means to provide the food then make it a potluck!  If you prefer a card you can design them online and have them printed or get a group together to write them!  

Step Five:  Decorations and Food!  If you need help with money and food reach out to someone who can sponsor you!  If not reach out to GreatLife and we’ll help you figure out a sponsor. 

Step Six:  Throw a party! Throw a joyful party that not only celebrates the mom and her choice to protect life but show the joy and dignity found in the community of human persons!

If you need help with ANYTHING reach out to us- we’d love to help!

~By Teens For Teens~


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How to set up a baby shower for a mom in need:

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