How to set up a baby drive for a mom in need:

Step one:  Create a list of what the mom needs . You can follow the template email below to use to ask for what they need.

Step two: Set up a baby registry. There are a few ways you can do this. 


   Go to Baby Registry on Amazon. Click get started and follow the steps given on the screen. Add the Mom’’s information for address and name, this way it will ship directly to the Mom.  Otherwise you can have it all shipped to you.   Go through on Amazon and pick out the best items for the cheapest price and add multiple items for each. Then share and advertise your registry. Reach out to Great Life once you have set it up and we can share your link so others can donate!

   In person

    After contacting the center be sure to create a list of what they need most so that people can bring any items they have. 

Decide on a location: Will people bring the items to a church, school, or home,and you collect them all to bring to the center? Will they be sent directly to the center? 

  Advertising:  Use GreatLife’s Template or create an advertisement stating where people can bring their donations and/or a contact so that you can go pick them up, when the baby drive is happening, anything that mom  asks for/ anything that needs to be done before donating ( cleaning the items or not allowing certain items etc), list contact information.  Advertise your baby drive through social media or by hanging up flyers. Reach out to Great Life and we’ll help reach out to people in your area! 

~By Teens For Teens~


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How to set up a baby drive for a mom in need:

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