How to Be Explicitly Pro-Life on Social Media

Step one:
Determine what platform you are going to use. Instagram? Snapchat? Twitter? Are you going to use your personal account or make a seperate account?

Step two: Repost on your feed or story material from Students for Life (@studentsforlife), Live Action (@liveactionorg),GreatLife (@greatlife_teens),  and other Pro-Life resources. 

Step three: Speak out and share your opinion about current events and the truth about abortion.

– Resources for current events: (, (, ( ()

Step four: Post pictures of you at Pro-Life events (marches, 40 days for life, etc.)

Step five: Use social media as a tool for fundraising.

– Do fundraising campaigns for pregnancy resource centers and Pro-Life organizationsStep Six:  Reach out to GreatLife so we can provide  you with more resources/content and share your content!

~By Teens For Teens~


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How to Be Explicitly Pro-Life on Social Media

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