Having Discussions with People Over Social Media

Step one: If you want to start having conversations through social media, the best way to do this is to post pro-life posts to your Instagram stories or page, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. and people may engage in the comments or reply to your posts. Another great way is to comment on Pro-Choice posts on social media platforms. Follow Pro-Choice pages, including Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and reply to Pro-Choice comments or comment your own Pro-Life comment. 

Step two: Now that you have someone to have a conversation with, remember to keep it nice and respectful. Don’t attack the other person and be understanding of the other person’s view. 

Step three: Don’t stay in the comment section too long. If you are having a good conversation with someone, ask them to move to dms so you can have a more in depth conversation. 

Step four: Share your sources when necessary. Since you are having a conversation online, it is much easier to share your sources with someone. So when necessary, share some sources that support your Pro-Life view (check out Great Lifers creating conversations page for help with sources). Don’t send too many because they won’t read them and it takes away from what you are adding to the conversation.

Step five: Take some time to think. Think about each message you get and see the point they are really trying to make and respond to that. Ignore any rude and ignorant comments they may add. 

Step six: Ask questions. Always try to ask a question to challenge their view and make them think about what they really believe. Asking questions allows you to really understand the other person’s view and allows you to find where they are wrong 

Step seven: Don’t let the conversation go on too long. Don’t waste your time having a conversation with someone. Especially if they are being rude or have very Pro-Abortion views. At some point it is better to move on with your day and not spend hours having a conversation with someone. 

Step eight: This is a really important step that a lot of people forgot. Reflect. Look back at the conversation and see what you did well and what did not. Think of good responses that you had and how you can use those in the future. 

What did the person respond well to? What did the person not have a response to? What good points did I make? What are some good analogies I made? Was I nice and respectful? What good points did the other person make? How can I respond to those points next time? Which points do I not know how to respond to? What can I do to have a better conversation next time? What did I learn from this conversation? What do I need to learn for the next conversation? 

Those are all great reflection questions to ask yourself after you have a conversation so you can have better, more effective conversation in the future. 

~By Teens For Teens~


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Having Discussions with People Over Social Media

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