A list of thought provoking questions to ask pro-choicers

  1. Have you ever tried to research the pro-life argument?
  2. If abortion is healthcare, why are 96% performed due to convenience?
  3. What choices do pro-choice industries provide other than abortion? 
  4. Does it bother you that the abortion industry originated under eugenics tactics and continue to use them today?

–  60% of down syndrome babies are aborted and abortion facilities are located in low income diverse neighborhoods.

  1. Why do you use the “my body my choice” argument when it’s another person’s body?
  2. If your pro-choice argument is as valid as you say it is, why do you verbally harass people with different stances on abortion?
  3. Why are you willing to sacrifice an innocent human life because it’s convenient to you?
  4. Have you researched the dangers of abortion, planned parenthood covering up child trafficking, and planned parenthood selling baby parts?
  5. If bodily autonomy is so important, then why is abortion wrong after a certain point?  (only if they think abortion should not be all 9 months.)

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~By Teens For Teens~


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A list of thought provoking questions to ask pro-choicers

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